About Me

Lustful Me

Hello to my fans,

I started writing poems when I was 15, they were not erotic just simples kid like poems. Right after i had my first child my kind became different, focused on the dark shades in life. I found out i had a niche for sex and a way with words, so my poems grew in nature. 

I love writing erotic poems, they are different, more nastier than the last. I have fun with sex and i rather enjoy the mind fun. I love the expression on people’s faces after every read. 

Writing the kind of poetry I write is almost like a sense of release. I get to broadcast my thoughts unto to others in a way to make them think of me. It’s relaxing to the soul, knowing I’m not alone in feelings the things that are being felt. I want you to think of every words and savor every drop, sip it up and let in marinate in the mind. 

I write because it’s freeing. Most people run, can’t talk about, but yet its on your mind constantly. I want to bring my words to your vivid imagination and break the ice. I want my words to trickle down like wasted juice on the counter too dripping to the floor. I write because some things are meant to be said, needs to be said, have to be said.